If the tooth plaque is not regularly removed, minerals from the saliva are being stored inside and together form the tartar on the surface of the teeth. Tartar is a solid deposit and therefore cannot be removed only by brushing. It can only be removed by an Ultrasound device and special instruments in the dental office.

Ultrasound device removes most of the deposits quickly and painlessly from the teeth using vibrations. In the end, teeth are being polished with an abrasive paste by which all pigmentations made by coffee, tea, vine, tobacco are being removed.

After the polishing, plaque and tartar can no longer so easily be retained on the surface of the teeth. In that way, teeth and gums are being protected and the progress of the periodontal disease is being prevented.


It is a surgical procedure, by which the excess gum around the teeth is being removed. It can be indicated for many various reasons:

  • In case of the swelling of the gums as a result of an irritation,
  • Gummy smile,
  • Increasing clinical crown height, when there is not enough tooth tissue in order to make a crown or a bridge.


It is a surgical procedure by which periodontal pockets are being cleaned, by removing all pathological processes in the gums and bone walls of the periodontal pockets. In that way, regenerative process of the bone and soft tissue is being enabled. Mobile teeth are being strengthened again and the whole periodontal system is being rehabilitated. If the part of the bone was mostly reabsorbed and the tooth is very mobile, artificial bone and membrane can be applied.

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