First examination with an orthodontic specialist is recommended around 6 years of age when the germination of the permanent teeth starts. In case some irregularity of teeth position or bite is diagnosed, orthodontic appliance or some kind of conservative therapy must be indicated.

First of all, it is necessary to make a detailed specialist examination and analysis. Orthodontic specialist makes a plan of therapy based on a clinical examination, X-ray image and a plaster model made from your individual impression.

It is important to stress out that it is never too late to indicate an orthodontic appliance, but only fixed appliances are indicated for grownups because the growth and development of the jaws is completed.



In the period of the mixed dentition, between 6 and 12 years of age, when both milk and permanent teeth are present in the oral cavity, mobile orthodontic appliance is indicated. As the name suggests, patient alone takes out and pits in the appliance. It must be warn both day and night, as long as possible. Motivation for regular wearing, oral hygiene and visits to the dental office are of crucial importance.

Mobile orthodontic appliance can fully resolve the problem or it can be a kind of preparation for the fixed orthodontic appliance.



After all of the permanent teeth have germinated, around 12 years of age, fixed orthodontic appliance is indicated. After the examination and analysis, the next visit is reserved for fixing the appliance to the teeth.

Brackets are glued to the frontal surface of the teeth and are connected with a metal arch by rubber bands. In time, the metal arch slowly moves the teeth in their desired position. Brackets can be made of metal or esthetic material such as plastic or ceramic.

Therapy takes between one and three years. In order to make the treatment better, efficient and faster and to prevent supposed complications, flawless oral hygiene and regular visits to the orthodontic specialist are of crucial importance.

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