Estetic dentistry


Colored foods and drinks and some bad habits such as coffee, tea, red vine, smoking and so on, over time can change the color of teeth. When noticed, the person starts to smile less, self-confidence is threatened and a desire to whiten the teeth awakens.

Teeth whitening is a painless, fast and easy procedure without any risk of damaging the teeth, but it must be carried out in the dental office under a strict supervision of the dentist after a thorough examination and plan of therapy. After a successful treatment, teeth become a few shades brighter and the gained results last for about 4 years after which it should be repeated.

Before the whitening, all deposits must be cleaned from the teeth, eliminate eventual decay and gingivitis and after the whitening, regularly and thoroughly maintain oral hygiene and avoid colored foods and drinks and smoking.

Teeth can be whitened in the dental office. Gums need to be protected and the surfaces of the teeth are treated with hydrogen or carbamide peroxide in duration of about 1 hour.

When we are talking about at-home teeth whitening, the whitening gel is placed in the individual splint made in the dental office, and it is warn throughout the night for 6-8 hours for about 10 days time. To make the procedure more efficient, during the whitening process, avoid colored foods and drinks and smoking.

The difference between the whitening in the dental office and at-home is in the concentration of the active substance in the gel. At-home whitening uses gel with much less concentration, so it lasts longer, but the end effect is proven to be more lasting.



Hyaluronan gives tone and volume to our skin and keeps it lithe and fresh. When we start to lose our natural reserves, tone of the skin weakens and we start to gain wrinkles. The aging process unfortunately cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed and the consequences can be reduced.

The task of the hyaluronic acid is to bond with water, and keep it in the skin making it tight and smooth. Skin treated with hyaluronic fillers, develops new wrinkles much slower.

Treatment is totally painless and takes about 30 minutes. Risk of complication in minor but the effects are visible immediately after the application.

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