Restaurative dentistry


Dental filling represents the rebuilding of the lost tooth tissue as a result of trauma, decay or erosive process by which the function, integrity and morphology of the tooth is restored. Today, esthetic factor is very important. That is why in our dental office we strictly use white dental fillings, or composites. Development of composite materials had fully suppressed amalgam fillings from the market. Placement of dental fillings is done in one visit and is quite painless.


Unfortunately, if tooth pulp is damaged as a result of trauma, developed decay or some other reason, spontaneous recovery is not possible. The dental pulp needs to be removed and a new made cavity needs to be filled with a root canal filling. That is why in these cases the endodontic or root canal treatment is indicated.

The procedure requires absolute patience, both dentists and patients, and usually requires more than one visits.

  1. visit- first aid, curing of supposed pain and swelling,
  2. visit- removal of the infection from the root canal by medication,
  3. visit- cleaning, shaping and filling of the root canal,
  4. visit- only when the root canal is fully cured, reconstruction of the tooth crown can be done either by a tooth filling or by a crown.


In our dental office modern technology is used it the process of root canal treatment.

  • Before the treatment, X-ray image needs to be made in order to make a detailed analyses and plan of the therapy,
  • With the help of a devise named Apex locator, process is considerably more accurate,
  • The whole procedure is done mechanically, by which it takes less time, and it provides comfort and improves the success rate of the treatment.
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