Oral surgery


When all of the attempts to treat and save the tooth are used up, it needs to be removed in order to prevent supposed complications.

Simple extraction, when tooth can be taken out in one piece in a few minutes time.

Complicated extraction, when the circumstances do not allow the tooth to be taken out in one piece, but must first be separated. That makes the procedure more complicated and can last up to 30 minutes.

Surgical extraction, when the tooth must be liberated from the surrounding gum and bone in order to be removed. It must be carried out in a strictly sterile environment with a help from an assistant. Because the gums must be sawed after the procedure, it demands an additional visit after seven days in order to remove the stitches. The procedure alone lasts about 30-60 minutes.



In case of an infection, tooth must be treated in time and correctly, or the emerging irritation in the bone around the root tip can result in formation of a pathological process such as a cyst. This process can go on without symptoms for a few months before it develops severe pain and swelling. A cyst can also grow in large sizes and reabsorb a large part of the jaw bone. That is why the treatment must be done urgently.

Situation like this demands a surgical procedure named Apicoectomy, which represents the removal of the pathological process around the root tip, together with the part of the tip of the root in order to save the remaining part of the tooth. After a successful procedure, the saved part of the tooth remains in the jaw and continues to do its primary function.



Sometimes, circumstances in the oral cavity are not ideal for the newly planned denture. In these situations, preparation of the bone and soft tissue needs to be done first of all. Some of those procedures are:         

  • Frenectomy,
  • Nivelation of the bone ridge,
  • Removal of the fibrose tuber,
  • Removal of the mobile alveolar ridge…



Frenulum is a mucosal fold which connects the lips, cheeks and tongue with the jaw bone and depending on the anatomy it can be overdeveloped. That is when it causes esthetic and functional problems such as a space between upper frontal teeth with children and inability to properly make a new denture with older people. It must be surgically removed by a procedure named frenectomy.

The procedure alone is short, takes only 30 minutes, painless and only demands an additional visit after seven days in order to remove the stitches.



In cases when there is not enough jaw bone for a planed implant placement, placement of the artificial bone is indicated first of all, in order to enable the planed procedure. If the placement takes place on the alveolar ridge it is called augmentation, and if it takes place in the sinus of the upper jaw it is called the sinus lift.

In any case, the procedure alone is actually complex and demanding, but is quite painless. It must be done in a sterile environment with a help from an assistant and it takes about 60 minutes.

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