Dental implants represent the best and the most modern solution for the loss of the natural teeth because they provide a natural presence and feeling as if the tooth was never lost in the first place. It represents an artificial root in the shape of a titanium screw made out of a biocompatible material which is surgically placed into the jaw bone in order to replace one tooth, retain a bridge or a denture and in the same time totally grows to the surrounding bone and becomes a part of the whole body.

Not depending on the age or the way the tooth was lost, a person can be a candidate for the implant placement if certain conditions are provided:

  • There must be enough jaw bone which is the future support for the dental implant, and that is easily determined with the help of a 3D X-ray image,
  • Chronic illness, smoking, or alcoholism can be a contraindication for the implant placement, but with the regulation of these conditions it can be taken into consideration.

There are a lot of different types of dental implants. In our dental office we use Zimmer dental implants because of their long, successful and clinically confirmed experience in the domain of dental implant surgery. Zimmer implants are a world leading company in implant technology and provide a top-level quality and results and a life time warranty from the manufacturer.



Placement of the dental implant is totally painless with the help of the local anesthesia and less problematic than the tooth extraction. It is carried out in several visits:

  1. visit: surgical placement of the implant it the bone,
  2. visit: after 7 days, removal of the stitches,
  3. visit: after at least 3 months, after the implant is grown in the surrounding jaw bone, a cap (gingival former) is placed onto the implant, in order to form the gums around it,
  4. visit: after 7 days, after the gums are formed, an impression is taken in order to make the crown, bridge or denture onto the placed implant / implants,
  5. visit: after at least 3 days, when the future denture is made, it must be cemented, attached or screwed onto the implants.

If necessary, it is possible to temporarily replace the missing tooth while the implant grows into the surrounding bone. It can be done with the old denture or a new one can be made, or a provisional bridge can be retained to the neighboring teeth



Main problem in choosing dental implants as a solution for the replacement of the lost teeth is time it takes for the whole plan to be carried out. Many people complain that 3 to 4 months is a long time to wait for their new teeth. More than 10 years ago, Zimmer Company came to the solution for this problem. Trabecular metal implant gives you the opportunity to receive your new teeth in less than 14 days time.”


Certain conditions must be provided in order to enable immediate load of the trabecular implant with the crown such as stability of the implant in the bone after the placement, agreement of the flawless oral hygiene and so on. Of course there is the question of the price because the Trabecular implant is the most expensive implant on the market. However, as it is with the most things in life, best option is usually the most expensive one.

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